Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection

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Many citizens live in areas which are vulnerable to natural disasters and extreme weather conditions. Heavy rain, flooding and other severe weather damage people’s homes, ruins crops, impair the delivery of basic services and destroys people’s livelihoods. In addition, people living in rural communities face the extra risk of being completely cut off. Damage to roads, bridges and foot paths means people in rural areas are in danger of not being able to travel to access basic services such as health facilities, schools and water pumps. Challenges in this area include disagreements between citizens and service providers about how defences are built as well as failure to install facilities correctly.

Projects in Environmental Protection

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Projet de réhabilitation et assainissement de Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo $9,600,000 Gouvernement provincial de Kinshasa Régie d’Assainissement et des Travaux Publics de Kinshasa
Sanitation Project of Kalemie Town Democratic Republic of the Congo $60,000 Provincial Government of Tanganyika Brigade Sanitation of Kalemie Town
Reinforcing Roads to Prevent Flooding in Marachi Kenya $44,712 government of kenya county governement of busia
Chaapbhanjyang landslide resistance gabbion wall construction project, Gorkha Nepal $4,100 Government of Nepal Disaster Control Office Chaapbhanjyang user committee