Energy generation & supply

Energy generation & supply

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The ability to generate and supply energy to any population is vital to the progress of a country’s infrastructure. Without sufficient energy, very little works effectively or reliably, and this has serious negative consequences on the basic ability of civilians to live a good quality life. Monitors often face challenges to do with citizen’s lack of access to energy, - whether because the cost is prohibitive or the infrastructure is poor - unreliable energy provision which makes planning or running homes and businesses difficult to do and they also often discover a lack of safe energy supply, which leads to the use of things like kerosene lamps.

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Installation of a electricity station at REGIDESO in Nguba Democratic Republic of the Congo $42,000 Gouvernement Provincial du Sud-Kivu REGIDESO
Maandrechaur Electricity extent project Nepal $2,500 Nepal Electricity Authority Nepal Electricity Authority
New installation,MV,LV, Line and house connection from Malutu to Bazartete Villa, Malutu, Darlema, Metir and Nuntara Liquica District Timor Leste $1,197,165 Government of Timor Leste Government of Timor Leste Ministry of public works
Upper Trishuli 3A Nepal $1,882,149 Exim Bank , Nepal Electricity Authority , Nepal Government Upper Trishuli 3A Hydroelectric Project
Tanahu Hydro Power LTD Nepal $244,000,000 NEA , Asian Development Bank (ADB) , Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) , European Investment Bank (EIB) , Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD) Nepal Electricity Authority
Projet d'électrification du quartier Père Thète de DUEKOUE Cote d'Ivoire $24,510 Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) UNDP , Entreprise SOPRESCIA SARL
Improving the electricity network and water supply in Awarta and the surrounding villages Palestine $292,434 Palestinian Authority Awarta Village Council
Electrification of Kavimvira Democratic Republic of the Congo N.A. DRC Government National Society of Electricity SNEL
Installation of Electricity Fatumasi Timor Leste $584,625 Timor Leste Government Ministry Infrastructure