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SCD South Sudan

South Sudan

Registered in 2010, and operating in South Sudan’s Lainya County, the Society for Civic Development (SCD) has four key focus areas which aim to aid in the reconstruction of local Sudanese communities: Community Integrity Building: SCD empowers the community of Lainya County with skills and tools for monitoring local construction projects and services delivered by local and national authorities. This effort includes the strengthening of dialogues and relationships between development stakeholder in the county, including local government, nongovernmental organizations and community leaders. Our approach does this by holding joint workshops intended to explore, discuss and collaboratively act on development needs, opportunities and challenges. Capacity building: SCD facilitates the training of young people and local government officials in various areas, including leadership, planning, public budget monitoring and peace building. SCD also supports development of administrative infrastructure systems for the county, including coordination mechanisms and planning processes, to support these efforts. SCD also engages youth in activities that support these local development processes. Nonviolence: SCD promotes nonviolence and peaceful collaboration through the use of social media. SCD established a social media group with more than 2000 members of the local community in Lainya County in order to provide a forum where issues such as nonviolent alternatives, violence against women and children and peacebuilding could be discussed. Civic engagement: SCD engages with partners, including nongovernmental organizations, academic institutions and governmental institutions, at both the local and international levels. Our focus is on themes related to good governance, with a dual primary focus on transparency/accountability and peace building. As a member of the bigger regional and international networks - such as Network for Integrity in Reconstruction, Integrity Leadership for Africa, Advocacy and Human Security and the Africa Network of Youth Policy Experts, SCD aims to become a leader in this field within South Sudan.

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Lainya County Integrity Project - 2015/16

donor Integrity Action
grant amount (USD) $27,989
grant peroid 2015-08 to 2016-08
0 % fix-rate 1
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This grant will enable SCD to set up Development Committees at the Payam and Boma level. 35 Committee Members will be trained on the Community Integrity Building approach in order to monitor 15 infrastructure and service projects meant to benefit their respective communities in Lainya County. Committee Members are selected by chiefs, representatives of youth, women and community based organization based on set criteria. The project proposes to achieve a 70% or higher fix rate on issues identified during monitoring visits.

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Lainya County Community Integrity Project - 2013/14

donor Integrity Action
grant amount (USD) $35,189
grant peroid 2013-12 to 2015-01
50 % fix-rate 1
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This grant enabled SCD to identify, monitor and improve donor funded development projects in Lainya County, in order to ensure transparency, value for money and accountability. 29 Community Monitors were trained to monitor 18 development projects. In addition, 245 members of the community, among which members of the local government, legislators, community, religious and business leaders, students and young professionals, were empowered and mobilized to continue social auditing of projects in the future.

Project Name Sector Budget Donor
JOMI NA RATA COMMUNITY BORE HOLE Basic drinking water supply and basic sanitation $12,000 Plan international
Renovation of Roronyo Primary School Education $14,217 HEKS
Construction of Mundu Primary School Adminstrative Block Education $12,513 ZOA
Construction of Lainya County Headquarters Government administration $3,449 Lainya County Municipality
Primary and Nursery School in Baligi village Education N.A. Government of South Sudan Ministry of religious affairs
Construction of Wuji primary health care centre Health $71,836 Netherlands Government
Kenyi Primary Health Unit Health N.A. ZOA international
Kenyi Primary School Education N.A. JRS(Jesuit refugee service)