Social Justice

Social Justice

Cote d'Ivoire

Social Justice was established in 2009, and advocates for greater transparency and accountability to ensure that public funds respond to citizens’ needs in Cote d’Ivoire. Social Justice is committed to increasing transparency and public participation in the reconstruction process in Cote d’Ivoire. By providing people with the tools that they need to monitor public budgets and reconstruction projects, Social Justice allows communities to take ownership of projects which are being built for their benefit. This empowers people and also brings about better responsiveness from government. Social Justice is a member of the EITI national council and Publish What You Pay coalition, and is actively monitoring the extractives sector. Social Justice is also member of Tax Justice Network (TJN) and a member of the steering committee TJN Africa.

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Good Governance in Cote d'Ivoire

donor Integrity Action
grant amount (USD) $77,000
grant peroid 2013-03 to 2014-03
0 % fix-rate 1
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The Jacqueville, Angovia and Bouaflé areas of Cote d'Ivoire have considerable natural resource wealth, including oil and gas. However, despite the natural mineral wealth and economic potential, the majority of people living in these areas face considerable socio -economic difficulties. Many development projects have been initiated, either by the local authorities, the government, or by private contractors operating in these regions. However, many project are not implemented correctly, or remain uncompleted. Therefore, local communities often do not benefit from these projects. Therefore, it is important to monitor these projects to ensure their proper management for the benefit of the population. It is in this context that the local committees have identified projects which they audit, which matter to them.

Project Name Sector Budget Donor
Construction d'un mur autour du centre santé du quartier Sokoura de Bouaké Health $28,920 Mairie de Bouaké
Réhabilitation d'une école primaire de Kanouan publique Education $16,469 Projet d'Assistantce Post Conflit (PAPC)
Construction d'une cantine scolaire à Baoubly Education $10,620 MAIRIE DE DUEKOUE
Construction de trois classes plus un Bureau à l'Ecole Père Thète 3 Education $44,551 MAIRIE DE DUEKOUE
Construction de la maison de la radio communale de Bouaflé Culture and recreation $62,487 Mairie de Bouaflé
Construction d'une Ecole Primaire Publique de trois classes et d'un bureau à d'Adiékro Education $30,649 Projet d’Assistance Post-conflit (PAPC)
Centre de santé d’Adjué Health N.A. CNR
Projet de construction du pont de Jacqueville Roads $47,446,141 Banque Ouest Africaine de Développement (BOAD) , la Banque Arabe pour le Développement Economique en Afrique (BADEA) , le Fonds de l’OPEP
Projet d'électrification du quartier Père Thète de DUEKOUE Energy generation & supply $24,510 Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Construction de la salle des mariages de la Mairie de Bouaflé - CIV Culture and recreation $101,654 Fonds d'Investissement de la municipalité de Bouaflé
Construction d'une école primaire de six classes à Bouaflé Education $57,880 Municipalité de Bouaflé
Réhabilitation de logements d'instituteurs à ADJACOUTIE /Jacqueville - CI Education $70,156 FOXTROT INTERNATIONAL