Kyrgyzstan Mountain Societies Development Support Programme (MSDSP KG) MSDSP KG is a locally registered public foundation, initiated by the Aga Khan Foundation in 2006. Its goal is to improve the livelihoods of selected communities in the Kyrgyzstan’s mountain areas. Sectors: MSDSP KG implements a range of integrated interventions in natural resource management, education, and health which converge in villages and are implemented in collaboration with and between community­based groups and local governments. Disaster risk reduction, enhancing local governance, and improving climate change resilience are cross-cutting themes across MSDSP KG’s work. Approach: MSDSP KG employs multi­input area based development approach. It identifies specific entry points and niches in select sectors where programming can demonstrate and effect significant impact which, over time, cana) become models to be replicated and adapted elsewhere in the country andb) influence public policy.In this regard, emphasis is placed on monitoring, documentation, and learning. Geographic area: Alai, Chong­Alai, and Kara­Kulja in Osh oblast as well as Naryn and At­Bashy districts in Naryn oblast where more than 323 000 people live. MSDSP KG has 6 offices in the country and it employs 84 local staff (in Bishkek, Osh, and Naryn oblasts). Donors: Aga Khan Foundation, European Commission, Norway Government, USAID, CIDA,World Bank, UN agencies, The Christensen Fund, DFID, HELVETAS Swiss Inter-cooperation Kyrgyzstan and others.

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Civic Participation to Improve Public Services

donor Integrity Action
grant amount (USD) $12,540
grant peroid 2015-04 to 2016-03
0 % fix-rate 1
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This grant builds on a previous project where Joint Working Groups, bringing together representatives from CSOs and local government officials of Naryn town, discussed urban environmental problems (including water and sanitation) and developed an annual plan to address these issues. Within the new phase of the project MSDSP is supporting Naryn town administration to form a Joint Working Group to create a list of municipal services and draft service delivery standards. As soon as the list is defined and approved by the Town Council, the standards will be used to monitor public service delivery in Naryn town. 10 infrastructure projects will also be monitored.

Project Name Sector Budget Donor
Improving Livestock Health in Kazan-Kuigan village Agriculture $16,059 PSAKFE 2
Reconstruction of Primary Pasture Road in Dobolu Village Agriculture $10,452 PSAKFE

Pro-Poor Integrity in Osh and Naryn regions

donor Integrity Action
grant amount (USD) $20,000
grant peroid 2014-02 to 2015-01
25 % fix-rate 1
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This grand supported MSDSP to increase the quality of sanitation, water, and social protection services provided by state-owned utilities and local government institutions in Naryn and Osh towns. 15 community members were trained on monitoring public services in the target areas, and monitored projects implemented by international donors as well as municipal authorities. Joint Working Groups were also formed to discuss issues identified during monitoring visits.

Project Name Sector Budget Donor
Water pipe constuction in Orto-Saz of Naryn district Basic drinking water supply and basic sanitation $51,080 PSAKFE 2
Repair and Construction of Irrigation Canals in Bashkaindy Village Water supply and sanitation - large systems $179,661 DFID
Repair of the A.Bulyash school Education $9,296 European Commision for Humainitarian Aid (ECHO)
Repairs to the Maten Sydykov School Education $3,305 European Commision for Humainitarian Aid (ECHO)
Rehabilitation of Karimberdi canal in sub-district Yntymak Water supply and sanitation - large systems $242,595 DFID
Expanding access to drinking water in rural areas of Ferghana Valley. Toguz Bulak Bereke. Water supply and sanitation - large systems $52,037 MFA Poland , Development Cooperation Programme.
Renovation of Victory Park Culture and recreation $37,838 Mayor's mayor's office
Modernisation and support of water system in Naryn town Water supply and sanitation - large systems $789,146 World Bank