Action pour la Paix, Education et Developpement (APED)

Action pour la Paix, Education et Developpement (APED)

Democratic Republic of the Congo

APED (Action for Peace, Education and Development) is an apolitical, not-for- profit youth and adult education association. Its mission is to support the grassroots groups constituted in basic farming groups, literacy centers and nuclei of peace in their self-promotion and community rehabilitation in the Province of South Kivu, particularly in the Kalehe, Kabare and Idjwi Territories. APED pursues the following objectives: supporting the self-promotion, structuring the grassroots groups and community rehabilitation; strengthen the capacity of the peasant population in peaceful conflict management, human rights and civic education; Strengthen grassroots groups in management, organizational and outreach awareness; strengthen awareness-raising in literacy and strengthening the power of women through gender. The methodology of our actions is based on a participatory approach through which all categories of beneficiary populations (women, men, girls and boys in equal numbers) are involved in the identification of needs. This methodology leads us to improve the capacity of communities to respond to disasters to their problems encountered during and after events.

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Strengthening the network and the visibility of organisations working on promoting transparency in South-Kivu

donor None
grant amount (USD) $1
grant peroid 2017-03 to 2017-06
100 % fix-rate 1
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This grant seeks to create a network of organisations using DevelopmentCheck to monitor projects in South Kivu. The network of five partner will each monitor two projects tracking the failure rate in the implementation and completion of infrastructure projects in South-Kivu.

Project Name Sector Budget Donor
Construction de l'école primaire BOGAMANDA à Kalehe Education $101,885 Fond Social de la RDC , UNICEF