Association pour le Developpement Intergré et Integral de Fizi (ADIF)

Association pour le Developpement Intergré et Integral de Fizi (ADIF)

Democratic Republic of the Congo

ADIF is a not-for- profit association which was founded in 1998 and whose aim is to provide support to local communities for self-promotion and sustainable development. The objectives pursued by ADIF are: Train members for integrated and integral self-promotion, combat malnutrition and childhood diseases, defend human rights, especially the rights of women and children, finding alternatives to peasant development problems by improving traditional fishing, techniques, agriculture, livestock and management methods, promote peace and peaceful inter-tribal coexistence and good governance.

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Strengthening the network and the visibility of organisations working on promoting transparency in South-Kivu

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grant peroid 2017-03 to 2017-06
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This grant seeks to create a network of organisations using DevelopmentCheck to monitor projects in South Kivu. The network of five partner will each monitor two projects tracking the failure rate in the implementation and completion of infrastructure projects in South-Kivu.

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