Max Impact

Max Impact

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Max Impact is a non-governmental development organization based in Bakavu, South-Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo that was established in 2006. The objectives of Max Impact are: to carry out studies related to governance, the sustainable management of natural resources and the socio-economic impact of development policies and projects; To provide technical support to the structuring and development of cooperatives in natural resource and urban areas; Strengthen the technical capacities of local communities, Pygmy indigenous peoples, and decentralized territorial entities for transparent governance and management of their natural resources; Support and monitor the implementation of public policies that promote human rights and the sustainable development of areas where natural resources are exploited. Max impact is actively involved in supporting the development of grassroots communities in rural and urban areas by improving the services provided by the various development actors by: carrying out socio-economic studies and impact studies to guide and improve grassroots development actions and projects; Facilitation of project planning, monitoring and evaluation processes; Training in planning, management, gender and governance of development organizations and public and private entities; the carrying out of strategic and budgetary analyzes of public services and decentralized territorial entities.

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Strengthening the network and the visibility of organisations working on promoting transparency in South-Kivu

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grant peroid 2017-03 to 2017-06
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This grant seeks to create a network of organisations using DevelopmentCheck to monitor projects in South Kivu. The network of five partner will each monitor two projects tracking the failure rate in the implementation and completion of infrastructure projects in South-Kivu.

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