Centre de Recherche sur l’Anti-Corruption

Centre de Recherche sur l’Anti-Corruption

Democratic Republic of the Congo

CERC (Centre de Recherche sur l’Anti-Corruption) in English “Anti-Corruption Research Center” is a grassroots civic organization founded in April 2017 with the mission to build transparency and accountability in the Democratic Republic of the Congo through promotion of citizens’ active role in society and strengthening of their advocacy capacities. Based in Uvira (South-Kivu), CERC is comprised of mainly young people with significant experience in civic activism, advocacy and Law. By developing and implementing different integrity building mechanisms we educate citizens about anti-corruption, ethics, integrity, accountability concept and advocate for integrity to be implemented in community and governance practices and legislation as a core value of developing an integrity society. We evaluate projects and services delivery and the work of public officials at the national and local level and demand from decision makers and services providers to become accountable to citizens. The monitoring data are monthly published in the Integrity Action’s DevelopmentCheck App. Our vision is to build a democratic society in which integrity is a leading principle that decision makers and citizens should follow. Our mission is to improve citizens’ integrity culture in Democratic Republic of the Congo by developing anti-corruption strategies and advocating for accountability.

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Consolidating Transparency and Accountability in the Implementation of Infrastructure Projects in Uvira

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grant peroid 2017-04 to 2018-04
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Many development projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) suffer from problems during their design, implementation and maintenance. Such problems in the context of the DRC can be caused by a number of factors, including; poor implementation, embezzlement of funds, use of substandard materials, diversion of funds due to corruption, and lack of monitoring and evaluation. This project will address these challenges by empowering young people in Uvira and enable them to monitor public services and infrastructure projects. This will promote dialogue between youth and the relevant stakeholders, in order to solve problems identified through monitoring, thus delivering better quality services to the citizens in a transparent, accountable and cost effective manner.

Project Name Sector Budget Donor
Travaux de pavage des rues contournant ITFM Bukavu. Roads N.A. Banque Mondiale
Travaux d’entretien mécanisé du tronçon LULIMBA-UVIRA Roads $2,170,476 Association Internationale de Developpement (IDA) , Banque Mondiale , DFID
Développement des infrastructures de production d'eau à Uvira Basic drinking water supply and basic sanitation $9,309,456 Agence Francaise de Developpement , Fondation Veolia , Union Européenne
Réhabilitation et Modernisation des Voiries de Fizi et Mimoza à Bukavu Roads $3,160,000 Association Internationale de Developpement (IDA) , Banque Mondiale
Réhabilitation du Stade de l’Unité d'Uvira Culture and recreation $90,956 MONUSCO Uvira
Asphaltage de la route Bukavu-Kamanyola Roads $82,458,500 Cooperation Billaterale entre la Chine et la RDC (SICOMINES)
Construction de routes de la voirie de la cité d’Uvira Roads $5,000,000 Cooperation Billaterale entre la Chine et la RDC (SICOMINES)