Founded in 1990, the Applied Research Institute - Jerusalem (ARIJ) is a Palestinian non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable development and improvements in service delivery for citizens in the West Bank, Palestine. ARIJ has several years of experience in the fields of economic, social, natural resources management, water management, sustainable agriculture, and political dynamics of development in the area. In its capacity as a national research institute, it frequently provides data and research necessary to the formulation of position papers and policy strategies on such issues as land and water resources. Since 2009, in partnership with Integrity Action, ARIJ has been working with civil society organizations, empowering them to install and follow good governance practices in order to fulfil their mission of helping the communities in which they operate. ARIJ also works with local civil societies to improve the accountability of key local authorities and help these local state institutions become more responsive to community needs. In relation to community participation ARIJ works to provide and develop the capacities of local and national authorities with the required support to create more transparent communities by applying an integrated and participatory approach to local policy making.

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Bethlehem Youth for Equal and Transparent Public Services

donor Integrity Action
grant amount (USD) $55,000
grant peroid 2015-12 to 2016-12
75 % fix-rate 1
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The initiative addresses the lack of youth engagement and participation in social governance and development, with the ultimate goal of involving young people in the establishment of fair and sustainable local services. A total of 100 school students and Youth Councils members in the Bethlehem Governorate will monitor 5 public services and 5 infrastructure projects aiming at achieving a fix rate of 50% or more.

Project Name Sector Budget Donor
Nativity School Rehabilitation Education $142,792 Bethlehem Municipality
El Bayara Park Rehabilitation Culture and recreation $54,635 Italian Government
Wadi Fukin's Village Council Road Rehabilitation Roads $70,000 Ministry of Local Government
Road Rehabilitation in Khilet Hamama and Bir Una Roads $36,844 Beit Jala Municipality
Al Khader Road Rehabilitation Roads $179,503 MDLF
Wastewater Network Basic drinking water supply and basic sanitation $175,251 Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development
Cremisan Road Rehabilitation Roads $162,828 Beit Jala Municipality
Wadi Shaheen Tunrabout Roads $31,055 Bethlehem Municipality
Schools' Rehabilitation Education $23,629 Bethlehem Municipality
Farmers' Rest Area Agriculture $30,376 Battir Muncipality , PARC